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Should You Have A Wedding Planner for Your Engagement Party?

Planning your wedding can be one of the most difficult jobs you may have done so far in your life. It involves a lot of energy, time, research, and effort. And you have to spend all this while you are preparing your mental and emotional self for one of the biggest events in your life.

Everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding. The décor has to be from out of this world. The venue should be jaw-dropping. The wedding outfits should be trendy yet timeless. The guests should find the engagement invitations to be mesmerizing.

When you are getting married, it is not easy to plan all this. Consider the number of vendors you will have to meet, interview, and select. Consider the number of venues you will have to visit and check. If you don’t think you need a wedding planner for your engagement party, you certainly don’t know what you are getting into by managing everything yourself.

Here are 4 reasons why you will need a wedding planner.

1. Save Valuable Time

Couples hire the services of wedding planners to save their time. From the selection of the venue to organizing all the suppliers, a wedding planner takes care of everything. You and your partner can focus your time and energy on celebrating your big day instead of sweating over each and everything.

There are hundreds of wedding-related tasks and they can take a lot of your time. You have social commitments and a job or business. You will already feel like you don’t have any time to space. A wedding planner can take over all the time-consuming tasks from you. They can:

  • Fix appointments
  • Handle the vendors
  • Take care of the nitty-gritty

2. Ensuring Everything is Covered

A good wedding planner can ensure that no aspect of your big day gets overlooked. An experienced professional will begin with a foolproof plan. Even when covering all ends, they know from experience the kind of issues that can arise. Besides, they already know how to resolve those issues. A professional wedding planner will know about the little details that you may not be able to imagine as a couple.

3. Insider Knowledge & Industry Connections

Professional wedding organizers have well-established connections with different types of industry vendors, including:

  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Hair stylists
  • DJs
  • Photographers/videographers
  • Stationery designers, such as those creating placecards& invitations

They have lists with proven names of vendors you can choose from. There is no need to spend hours or days searching for the right vendors. Besides, they can also negotiate better deals on your behalf, especially because have ongoing business relationships. You can also leave all the communication with vendors to your wedding planner. All this will not only save valuable time, but also money, effort, and energy.

4. Cost Savings

Having a professional handling your wedding planning and execution can also help you save money. In other words, they can help you stay within budget. They know how much different items and services cost, allowing them to create a detailed budget while keeping you on track.

As already mentioned, they have established relationships with local vendors. They can, thus, negotiate better prices for you. Since wedding planners operate on a large scale, they are able to get better prices from vendors.

So, you can see what difference a wedding planner can bring to your engagement party. It is recommended to look for an experienced professional with good local contacts.

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